Our School

Principal’s Welcome

At Broadford Secondary College we focus on giving every student every opportunity every day

We are an inclusive community where every person is valued and supported. At Broadford Secondary College we recognize our responsibility in building the capacity of our students to help them become socially responsible members of our community. The college promotes academic excellence, with students striving to improve in a caring environment, where they are supported to reach their full potential.

At Broadford Secondary College we uphold our school values of:

RESPECT – Where we treat others the way we wish to be treated

RESPONSIBILITY – We are responsible for our actions

ORGANIZATION – We are ready to teach and to learn

PERSISTENCE – We never give up and never stop trying

EXCELLENCE – We always strive for our personal best, everywhere, every time.

Our extra-curricular programs include leadership opportunities, House Activities, international study tours, local camps and excursions, sports programs, community programs and productions.

Our Welfare and Discipline support structure is a central part of our student programs and ensures the wellbeing needs of all students are being met. Student Welfare and Wellbeing is the foundation of our school. This is enhanced by the building of positive relationships between all sectors of our community and supported by a sub school structure with a number of coordinators at each level (Junior & Senior); Advocacy teachers at Year 7, 8, 10, 11 & 12; MIPs classes at Year 9; Transition Coordinator; Student Welfare Coordinator, Careers Coordinator, Special Learning Needs Coordinator, Attendance Coordinators and a series of support personnel.

We value and welcome our parent contributions and support, and are proud that Broadford Secondary College is highly regarded as an educational institution.

In the words of the Taungurung People: Yaawinbu Yananinon, which transalates to “Enjoy Your Journey”.

Together we can support our students to

Aspire – Strive – Achieve

Through our values of

Respect, Responsibility, Organization, Persistence & Excellence

Tania Pearson

Mission, Vision & Values

The Standards and Expectations for our College Community

As a College Community we care for the safety and wellbeing of all students. We have expectations for all of us in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We expect every teacher:

  • In every lesson, to make it clear to the students, the Learning Intention (purpose) and success criteria of the lesson.
  • To ensure explicit teaching is an integral part of the routine of the lesson.
  • To give every student meaningful feedback on their learning, both verbal and written, in a regular and timely manner.
  • To seek feedback from students as to how effectively they perceive they are being taught.
  • To have a positive working relationship with each student.


We expect every student to arrive at school, every day, in correct uniform organised and ready for the day’s learning; and to:

  • Realise that learning involves the challenge of mastering a skill or knowledge that was unknown before
  • That organisation, hard work (persistence) and resilience are the keys to success at anything


We expect every parent and carer to:

  • Value education, which means supporting the work of the teaching staff
  • Be supportive in ensuring their child can “work at their learning” outside of school hours.
  • Invest in their child’s education through time and money (which this school keeps up to a minimum) and encouraging their child to participate in the rich variety of activities this school offers its students.


Students, parents and carers, and staff can expect the Broadford Secondary College administration team to lead the College to the highest standards of accountability, and take ultimate responsibility, for all of the school based facets above.

Together we can support our students to Aspire – Strive – Achieve through our values of;

Respect, Responsibility, Organisation, Persistence and Excellence

School Wide Positive Behaviour Expectations Matrix

Key Staff Positions 2024

Junior School Coordinator
Chris Reid

Year 7 Coordinator
Rylee Majerczak

Year 8 Coordinator
Luke Sherman

Year 9 Coordinator
Chris Reid

Senior School Coordinator
Nick Egan

Year 10 Coordinator
Erin Burton

Year 11 Coordinator
Gerard Hughes

Year 12 Coordinator
Nick Egan

Student Leadership

Senior School Leaders: Eliza Dawson, Matthew Whitfield, Tania Pearson (Principal), Dominik McKinlay, Cassie Zolnierczyk

Junior School Leaders:  Evie Birks, Tania Pearson (Principal), Jordan Russell

Fraser House Leaders: Tilly Rask, Chanel Collins, Mr Glenn McKenzie, Brooke Mazzarella, Ben Rask

Hickey House Leaders: Enoch Talamaku, Hayleigh Land, Mr Brett Groves, Oaklet Ellis    Absent: Ashleigh O’Day

Piper House Leaders: James Ross, Mr Lachlan Watts, Chelsea Martin, Captain John Piper, Allira Shea, Stephen Micallef

Ridley House Leaders: Sophie Wood, Ms Jaymee Egan-Ford, Ethan Leslie, Ms Deborah Boyd, Taite Thomas, Ash Hunt