We thank you for your support in enforcing our College Uniform Policy at Broadford Secondary College. The staff appreciates and values the effort families have made to ensure that students have the necessary items of uniform. The majority of our learning community are dressed appropriately and wearing our uniform with pride.

Academic Uniform

Acceptable Uniform

  • Plain black BSC pants, plain black BSC tracksuit pants or black shorts (mid-thigh length).
  • School white Polo Shirt or House Polo
  • Black scarf
  • Additional Polar Fleece or black wind breaker jacket or vest or Rugby Top
  • School beanie
  • School Cap or House Bucket Hat
  • Plain, black shoes with black shoe-laces
  • School dress/Skirt
  • Plain black tights worn with skirt


Sports Uniform

  • School House polo shirt
  • plain black tracksuit pants (no stripes or logos)
  • Sports shorts
  • Proper sports shoe.



Unacceptable Uniform

  • Hoodies
  • Denim
  • Factory shoes
  • Any shoes other than black
  • Beanies that are not school-approved
  • Tights are not to be worn in place of pants, dress or shorts
  • Leggings of any type
    Sports Uniform
    • School House polo shirt
    • plain black tracksuit pants (no stripes or logos)
    • Sports shorts
    • Proper sports shoe.



    Students are required to be in complete academic uniform to and from school.

    State School Relief is available to families that need financial assistance to purchase the College Uniform. State School Relief is able to provide some items of uniform and leather school shoes for those families who are deemed to require financial assistance. We encourage all of you to access this resource, if needed, through your child’s Team Leader or Coordinator and the Student Wellbeing Coordinator.

    If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

    School Council

    Tania Pearson – Principal
    Mark Boland
    Reno Lia
    Cathy Coppinger – Treasurer

    Tanya Fraser – President
    Liza Whitfield – Vice President
    Chris Anderson
    Erin Chick
    Caroline Morris
    Jade Parker
    Amanda Russell


    Liam Russell


    1:1 Device Program 2024

    At Broadford Secondary College, we recognise the increasing presence and importance of technology in students lives. Technology bridges the gap between school and home and provides students with fun and engaging learning opportunities. That is why we are steadfast in our commitment to being a 1:1 device school.

    In 2024, we strongly encourage students to own a 1:1 device that will accompany other essential learning materials each lesson. As a school, we are no longer recommending iPads for student use at BSC. Below you will find two school-recommended devices that can be purchased through the JB-HIFI Parent Portal which is linked to our school.

    *If your child is interested in undertaking art based subjects, it is strongly recommended that families consider purchasing a device with a pen that supports the Adobe Suite

    How to purchase a device through the JB-HIFI portal

    1. Go to
    2. Enter the BYOD code as supplied by your school.
    3. Once logged in, select a student program.
    4. Choose your preferred delivery method.
    5. Follow the prompts to select your products, accessories and nominate for insurance.
      Enter your details to proceed.
    6. Choose a payment method and complete your order. No surcharges on credit card purchases.

    If you have any questions, we’re here six days a week:
    Call: 1300 730 548

    Can I purchase a different device listed or not listed on the JB-HIFI portal?

    Of course! The options listed above are the most affordable however families may choose to purchase other types of devices.

    What will BSC Provide?

    BSC will provide students with a school e-mail, and full access to the G-suite. G-suite allows students to edit, share and store documents online and can be accessed at home and school. Therefore, Families are not required to purchase Microsoft software. Students will learn how to use the g-suite and e-mail at the beginning of the school year.

    Who do I contact for more information?

    For more information please contact Cara Fiebig – Leading Teacher or Chris Treven – Specialist Technician at BSC on (03) 5784 1200

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it compulsory for students to have a 1:1 device?
    While it is not compulsory for students to have a 1:1 device, it is strongly recommended. With a 1:1 device, students will be able to access the full range of learning opportunities available to them at BSC.

    Will students be using their devices in every subject, every day?
    Each lesson is composed of a variety of learning activities, some that involve devices whilst others do not. Therefore at times there may be lessons where devices aren’t used by students, however it is recommended that students bring their device to every lesson.

    Where will students store their devices when it is not in use?
    It is strongly recommended that students purchase a protective case to store and secure their device. Devices should be stored in student lockers during break times.

    Can a student add their own software to their device?
    Specific software required for each subject area can be purchased and installed at the discretion of the family.

    Will my child be able to print at school?
    Yes. Students will be able to print from school.

    Is my child expected to take their device home every day?
    Yes, students are expected to take their device to and from school each day.

    What IT support is provided by the school?
    The school will provide support to connect your child’s device to the school network and basic troubleshooting. Any physical repairs to the device will be the responsibility of the family.

    What about iPads?

    As a school, we are no longer recommending students purchase iPads as their 1:1 device. iPads restrict the use of a number of software platforms accessed by students at BSC, most notably the G-Suite. In our experience, students have expressed their preference to have a keyboard, particularly as writing demands increase from Year 7 to 12. Finally, iPads provide the opportunity for greater distractions from learning as the school has limited ability to monitor inappropriate use of apps such as Snapchat and various online games.

    Can |recharge my device at school?
    No. It is expected that students will bring their device to school each day, fully charged.

    Can my child access games on their device?
    Any games or applications are not to be accessed, used or downloaded via the school network unless instructed by school staff.

    What happens if my child leaves their device at home?
    It is expected that student devices will be at school everyday. Students who do not bring their device will be significantly disadvantaged as their ability to access lesson activities and materials will be compromised.

    Will the device be covered by school insurance while it is being used at BSC?
    No. It is the responsibility of families to insure their device if they choose to.

    Does my home need internet access?
    No. Students will be provided with access to the school network while at school, where they can access the information and basic software they require. If you do have internet access at home, you are welcome to connect the device to your internet connection.


    Year Level Booklists – 2024

    All orders to be completed online @

    Junior School

    Senior School

    Health & Wellbeing

    Broadford Secondary College acknowledges the importance of wellbeing to provide an effective and positive educational experience.

    The BSC Wellbeing Team’s focus is on supporting students to develop their physical, social and emotional health. The Wellbeing Team provides individual support, as well as support through college programs and events.

    About us

    Hi from the Wellbeing team:

    Wellbeing Support – Aaron, Bron, James and Maree

    Youth Health Nurse – Sarah

    Re-engagement officer – Becky

    Mental Health Practioner – TBA

    How Wellbeing Can Help

    We understand that student life can sometimes be tough, especially if you have been sick or have had personal or family problems. Sometimes personal issues can make it difficult for you to study or get on with life.

    Usually just having someone to listen can help lighten the load or ease the situation. The Student Wellbeing Team can support and work with you to help you sort out the problem. We can also help work out any issues you may be having with friends, family or teachers/subjects. We can also put you in touch with community organisations specific to your needs.

    All services provided by Student Wellbeing staff are voluntary, which means that students can choose whether they wish to attend a service and also have the choice to withdraw.

    Students can access wellbeing support by attending the Wellbeing Centre independently, or can be referred by school staff.

    Wellbeing Education & Activities

    The Wellbeing Team provides health and wellbeing education and activities via the following mediums:

    Well-being tips and advice on compass


    Classroom education and information

    Special BSC events throughout the year

    Group presentations

    Information for Students

    The Wellbeing team is available to provide short term support to students around a range of issues which impact on them and may include the following:

    Wellbeing Team members can find ways to support students with their studies during difficult times. Assistance can be provided to help individual students talk to parents or teachers about any difficulties they may be having which can impact on their studies.

    We have many different kinds of relationships in our lives, including those with parents, family, friends, partners and teachers. Sometimes our relationships with others are easy and work well, while at other times they are hard work and difficult to manage. When things aren’t going so well it can be helpful to talk to someone about it.

    Stress, Anxiety & Depression
    Stress anxiety and depression can sometimes affect a student’s ability to meet the day to day demands of study and also impact on their personal life. The Wellbeing Team can provide assistance with strategies and are also able to link students in with specialised community based services should ongoing support be required.

    Sexual Health
    Sexual health issues including contraception, pregnancy, Sexually transmitted Illnesses (STI) can be discussed in confidence and referrals on behalf of students(when appropriate) can be made to relevant community support organisations.

    Grief & Loss
    Grief can be really hard to manage and everyone copes in different ways. Talking about these feelings is a healthy and effective strategy to work your way through any grief and loss you may be experiencing

    How you can meet with us

    The Wellbeing Centre is situated in the general office at the front entrance of the school

    Students can access the Wellbeing Team in the following ways:

    • Students can ask a school staff member to contact wellbeing on their behalf to arrange to meet with them as soon as possible.
    • Students are welcome to visit the Wellbeing Centre during recess, lunchtime, during a study period, or after school to make an appointment.

    After Hours and During Holidays

    A Wellbeing Team member will be available between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday during the school term.

    If students require wellbeing support after hours or during holidays, these contacts may be of use:

    Additional Supports for students:


    We value your privacy and confidentiality, and anything discussed with us will not be discussed with anyone without your permission. However, should you be in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, your guardian must be informed for your own safety. This will be done with your knowledge where possible, as we are here to support you.


    Medical Authority Form:

    This must be completed if your child is required to take medication while at school.


    Parents/carers can report absences a number of ways.

    An SMS is sent daily if your child is absent (unapproved).